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Please study our dental treatment prices below!

Name Budapest
X-ray free
Consultation free
Small dental X-ray free
Panoramic X-ray free
3D X-ray 160
Dental hygiene package – (scale and polish, panoramic X-ray, consultation) 80
Extraction 55
Extraction (surgical) 150
Extraction of wisdom tooth 220
Resection (front) 150
Resection (back) 200
Sinus lift with material (Bio Oss – Bone grafting material) 1100
Bone augmentation (min. price) 200
Implant Camlog
Camlog standard titanium abutment
Camlog zirconium abutment
Implant Zimmer
Zimmer standard titanium abutment
Zimmer zirconium abutment
Implant Wieland
Wieland standard titanium implant abutment
Wieland with zirconium abutment
Implant Pitt Easy
Pitt Easy standard titanium implant abutment
Pitt Easy zirconium abutment
Implant Pitt Easy Immediate Loading (6 week)
Pitt Easy Immediate Loading (6 week) standard titanium abutment
Pitt Easy Immediate Loading (6 week) zirconium abutment
Implant Oraltronics
Oraltronics standard titanium abutment
Oraltronics zirconium abutment
Implant Ankyos
Ankyos standard titanium implant abutment
Ankyos zirconium abutment
Implant Nobelbiocare 840
Nobelbiocare standard titanium implant abutment 210
Nobelbiocare zirconium abutment 560
Root canal treatment for tooth with one root canal 70
Root canal treatment for tooth with two root canals 110
Root canal treatment for tooth with three root canals 150
Post or core for root canal treatment 90
Temporary filling for root canal treatments 30
Crown, Bridge (porcelain fused to metal, per tooth) 230
Crown, Bridge (porcelain fused to gold, gold not included) 230
Crown (Cercon, per tooth) 500
Temporary crown per tooth 40
Removable plastic denture (per jawbone) 500
Removable metal denture (per jawbone) 600
Precision attachment 390
Temporary denture (from 5 teeth) 355
Overdenture (average price) 1950
Gold surcharge per gramm 35
Tooth coloured filling (small) 60
Tooth coloured filling (medium) 75
Tooth coloured filling (large) 90
Inlay (Belle Glas, Gradia) 260
Inlay (Gold) gold not included! 260
Porcelain Veneer 330
Remedent – professional tooth whitening system
Blank – professional tooth whitening system
Zoom 2 – professional tooth whitening system 550
Plaque removal 75
Restylane (1ml) for cosmetic procedures 450
Tooth Jewels (min. price)

 Tannlege priser, tannimplantat pris, gebiss (tannproteser) i Budapest, Ungarn 2017

Tannimplantat Pris
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